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Step into the captivating world of Darbles, a Nigerian artist who masterfully combines A.I, mixed media and collage to create powerful, evocative works of art. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and emotions, art that reflects the beauty and complexity of the human experience.With a focus on using A.I to tell stories, I hope to use art to connect us to our deepest fears and desires, creating a raw and authentic experience. By delving into past fears, depths of imaginations and transforming them into art, encouraging self-discovery and personal growthA believer in dreaming big and setting goals, dedicated to the service of others and embraced my fear as a means of personal growth. Believing that continuing on in the face of adversity is the bravest act of all, I hope that my art will inspire others to do the same.

Join Darbles on a journey as we explore the depths of imaginations, experience and discover the beauty and power of art. Take a look at my collections and discover your new favorite piece, let's connect and discover togetherBelow are portals to my realm or collections on manifold, foundation, opensea and mintmarketplace:

When I create using A.I, I try to think back to what I was afraid of or what was scary to me, and try to put those feelings into art and tell stories

The GenoMorphs

Meet The GenoMorphs: A Collection of 1/1 UniquenessIn these 10 interval drops, price reserves are set at Zero, empowering each artwork to script its own narrative. Value is defined by the deep affection and admiration of its owner. Every piece proudly bears Darbles' digital wax stamp, a mark of authenticity.For inquiries about the exclusive 1/1 physical prints, reach out to the artist directly

When I create using A.I, I try to think back to what I was afraid of or what was scary to me, and try to put those feelings into art and tell stories

GenoMorph Gallery

Introducing GenoMorph's 10/10 Limited Editions: Your Gateway to the 'BIG 4' ExperienceOwn a GenoMorph Limited Edition and unlock the world of 'BIG 4' benefits, including First Dibs on Future Releases, exclusive airdrops, Artistic collaboration experiences and a vibrant art community.

When I create using A.I, I try to think back to what I was afraid of or what was scary to me, and try to put those feelings into art and tell stories

GenoMorph 1/1

Unveiling GenoMorphs 1/1, prepare to enter a realm distinct from The GenoMorphs. GenoMorphs 1/1 boasts reserved pricing, complete with Darbles' digital wax stamp for that true mark of authenticity and more.And here's the kicker: Every physical print is delivered to the triumphant owner, with all expenses covered by the artist himself.

When I create using A.I, I try to think back to what I was afraid of or what was scary to me, and try to put those feelings into art and tell stories

Ingenious Dreams

Ingenious Dreams is my art collection, exploring dreams through minimalistic artworks. It covers various styles, including photography, shapes, and limited color palettes. Each piece represents your dream interpretation, distilling its essence. It's a journey into originality and imagination, challenging reality perception.Five waves: sold out | Remains: 3 waves
Available on Foundation + manifold contract with reserve prices starting at 0.1 ETH.

Vibius Bucculeius Gaianus

Art turns struggles into positivity, uplifting all. Embrace challenges, be kind, and appreciate positivity. Keep pushing, making an impact, and self-care. Art reassures: Everything's okay.Marketplace: Manifold
Primary: sold out | Secondary: 0.05 Eth +

Dreaming with Ingenuity

A mesmerizing collaborative collection, a blend of collage art and poetry, where every glance reveals a new perspective, uniting fractured worlds into one harmonious whole. Created in partnership with The Poetic Barders Society, featuring Ashu, Eddie, Eliana, El-Nina, Clover, AllFlyStudios, and more esteemed poets.Marketplace: Opensea
First waves: sold out | Floor price: 0.2 Eth

𓂀 Scary stories to tell in the dark ❗️Discover yoursPrivate Discord - Road map - ❓ - Impact w/ Paimon "Demons awakening! We stand to fight! Blood and sand all in our brain. Break out chains ⛓️ can you escape?" ❗ Embrace your FEAR. Welcome to a new world

Possessed by Paimon

The leap into the dark encouraging us to embrace, face, and conquer our FEARS while learning that fears can be used to move forward. Expose yourself to the deepest fear, it has no power although it will return like the phoenix but don't give in.Marketplace: Opensea
Few on primary remains | Floor price: 0.05 Eth

Be A Clown

Hiding several stories in those eyes and smile which reflects on our face loudAs a holder of BAC, I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments.The role of a clown and a physician are the same - it's to elevate the possible and to relieve suffering, but don't take us for granted or we'll drive you crazy, becoming every nightmare you've ever had!Marketplace: Foundation & Mintmarketplace
Floor price varies: 0.15 - 0.5 Eth

When I create using A.I, I try to think back to what I was afraid of or what was scary to me, and try to put those feelings into art and tell stories

The Unfamiliar Strangers in the Light

The combination of three factors: entertaining power of feeling fear, learning that it’s okay to be afraid and internalizing resilient role models helps us prepare to manage the inevitable stresses of modern life. Stories that push us out of our “safe zones” may actually build confidence and even foster a greater understanding of how to cope with threatening situationsMarketplace: Foundation
Reserve price varies: 0.1 Eth +

Mysterious Landscape

Throughout history, artists have found endless inspiration in the mysterious beauty of nature and the grandeur of the earth's varied landscapes that is emotional, psychological and can serve as a form of meditation increasing positive affects like hope, friendliness and moreMarketplace: Opensea
Floor price varies: 0.009 - 0.02 Eth

About my collectors:
They are my supporters, utility and my family, the bond that links true family is not one of blood but of respect, love and support in each other's life
Message to my collectors:
No words are enough to express my gratitude for what you have done, thank you

Meet my collectors on “Ingenious Dreams" manifold contract ERC721:

TitleCollectorsBid warWinning Bid
A Legacy in ArtDelrondeMetareilly0.50
Cupere ExtraordinariumSuparno67None0.30
The Last CallRealKatoOGBongdoe0.30
I will watch over you forever, my SonDarfV8RNone0.30
Peaceful EscapismSRBGOLIKato and Anon0.275
A New EraDelrondeNone0.25
The Legacy Lives OnEgartnerNone0.20
Power and SerenitySkorchNone0.20
A Vision of ProgressBongdoeNone0.20
Narrow Streets, Vibrant LifeHyperspekNone0.20
The Haven of LavishnessMetareillyNone0.20
The Adventure BeginsMike DoughertyNone0.20
Nostalgia on the HorizonGammaAsterNone0.14
Chasing the CloudsH.ChipNone0.14
Yin and YangDegenApe55Kato0.125
Aesthetic AbodeRealKatoOGNone0.12
Hope Amidst FlamesArtusvanfrahmNone0.12
The Ocean's SecretNezuchillsNone0.10
The Calm before the StormRealKatoOGNone0.10
Specter's SanctuaryRooBoy15907513None0.10
There's no end to the painBuyOnTheDip_x_lansky0.09
The Magic of Winter Nights______
Drinks, Stories, Memories______
Chance and Fortune______
The Legacy Lives On______
Retro Charms______
A Salute to Heroes______
Live in Luxury______

Meet my collectors on “The BAC edición 2023" manifold contract ERC1155: Return of the Death Note

Keith33333.eth25th June10.0123E
Vethereum25th June10.0123E
RealKatoOG25th June10.0123E
PuertoRoc2425th June10.0123E
Christine_Clue25th June10.0123E
Devonfigures25th June10.0123E
X_Lansky25th June10.0123E
BuyOnTheDip_25th June10.0123E
Frostwood25th June10.0123E
DegenApe5526th June20.0123E

Meet my collectors on “The BAC edición 2022" manifold contract ERC1155: Vibius Bucculeius Gaianus

Matthew Bonnstetter24No0.12
Reece Swanepoel1No0.005
TatRosso1No🎁 Rocketgirl
Donut Hole Master1No0.005
7D93F131st Dec10.005

Meet my collectors on “The Unfamiliar Strangers in the Light” foundation:

DoodlesHchipYes0.10 Eth
BlunderbussMatthew BonstetterYes0.11 Eth
Frank ConstantineInvestopiaYes0.10 Eth
Hortensia DenholmMatthew BonstetterYes0.11 Eth
LockjawRicecountYes0.11 Eth
Sam Vin Smoke
Shawn Fisher
Matthew Bonnstetter
Draoknaoc H. Chip
Katreena NorwoodSuparno67Yes0.10 Eth

Meet my collectors on “Possessed by Paimon 696” opensea:

The Hidden TempleUnchained_NinjaYes0.13 Eth
Ecclesia CatholicaBavugarYes0.05 Eth
Awakening of K. DarkmoreAfro_artsYes0.05 Eth
Damon LabyrinthSamvinsmokeYes0.05 Eth
Marilyn the WitchAnthonyYes0.05 Eth
Rassler ChaliceReece SwanepoelYes0.05 Eth
P. Carpthia's HotelMintmarketplaceYes0.05 Eth
FacelessShawn FisherYes0.05 Eth
Auron ShackletonJF❌Yes0.05 Eth
Silent Street P. Le RougeKeithYes0.05 Eth
Art of the WallOladejiYes0.05 Eth
King PaimonAcuriousvinYes🎁
House of K. RosebergJF❌Yes0.05 Eth
Umbri Le Doux ChâteauLovePowerCoinYes0.05 Eth
Willow's OrphanageMatthew BonnstetterYes0.05 Eth
Forest of Terror
2Night at Hades. R~
Rise of Rathmore. D
House of Xander
Paimon's Mansion
Abandoned Factory

Meet my collectors on “Be A Clown” Foundation & Mint:

Finch DigbySuparno67Foundation0.15 Eth
Bash DrearyEth.coFoundation0.15 Eth
Racket ShakesMintmarketplaceMint0.15 Eth
Sir. Smoothie B.Suparno67Foundation0.5 Eth
Stucco the ClownMint
Freckles the ClownFoundation
Charlie PasteyScryptoguyMint0.15 Eth
Doink JesterMint

Meet my collectors on “Dreaming with Ingenuity” opensea:

Dream out LoudClete CharnalEliana0.1 Eth
I Choose to LiveCrypto Pop PunkAshu0.1 Eth
My DemonsNew Wave Surf ClubClover0.1 Eth
Unfiltered Untainted LoveJF❌El-Nina0.1 Eth
The Pathway to FreedomMadLethalEliana0.1 Eth
Refraction of BeautyCloverEddie0.1 Eth
The Nakedness of AngelsMatthew BonstetterAshu0.1 Eth
Home: A Place Close To YouHumble1_ethEl-Nina0.1 Eth
FamilySuparno67Darbles0.1 Eth
Darkened ShineSuparno67Eddie0.1 Eth
Power and GreedSuparno67Ashu0.1 Eth
Angels Do FlySuparno67Ashu0.2 Eth
InterwinedSuparno67AllFlyStudios0.2 Eth
The Route
Fairy Garden
House of Tony

Meet my collectors on “Mysterious Landscape” opensea:


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